RIMOWA celebrates the art of German engineering

  • Publish date: Saturday، 17 September 2022
RIMOWA celebrates the art of German engineering

Since its establishment in Cologne in 1898, RIMOWA has moved discerning travellers forward through the resilience, lightness and stability of its mobility tools. For its latest campaign, the brand is celebrating what truly enables lifelong journeys everywhere: its German engineering. 

With the iconic Classic Cabin front and centre, the luxury maison is returning to its roots. Titled “Ingenieurskunst” - a word that only exists in German which literally translates into “The Art of Engineering,” RIMOWA aims to reveal the true poetry of the process, materials, and manufacturing that enable its superior functionality. 

The campaign takes us on a journey around the world, with kinetic installations in various locations giving an ode to RIMOWA’s signature aluminium, and showcasing German engineering like the world has never seen it before: as art. Made from 6000 rivets, 180 sheets of anodized aluminium, and shells of the Classic Cabin suitcase, the installations pay homage to the meticulous craftsmanship of the iconic luggage: from the harmony of the raw, chrome, and matte materials used to create the products, to the symphonic relationship between heavy machinery and the delicate handcrafting that has been mastered by RIMOWA engineers.


The installations are set to travel to various locations around the globe. An immersive AR experience will also be incorporated as part of the campaign, inviting audiences to interact with the engineering steps of the Classic Cabin suitcase. 
“The topic of German engineering might be considered dry or technical” says Emelie De Vitis, Chief Marketing Officer at RIMOWA. “But as our head engineer describes, ‘it is more like a symphony’. We wanted to show that German engineering – which is at the core of who we are - is truly considered art at RIMOWA.” 

The story carries a simple premise: that even though the Classic Cabin is made in Germany, it is engineered for wherever your travels may take you, around the world. And thanks to our new lifetime guarantee, which applies to suitcases purchased from July 25, 2022 and covers all functional aspects of RIMOWA suitcases for the span of their life, your beloved travel companion will follow you on each and every journey. 

Daft Punk’s legendary track ‘Around the World’ is used as the soundtrack for the film, which features a RIMOWA engineer as a guiding force. Then, in a nod to RIMOWA’s German heritage, Daft Punk’s iconic song is transformed into an orchestral cover by the Cologne-based Gürzenich- Orchester for the reveal of “The Hochzeit,” meaning ‘wedding’ in English – what our engineers call the moment when two RIMOWA aluminium shells are joined for the first time. 
Created in collaboration with creative agency Anomaly Berlin, the campaign was directed by I AM HERE and shot around the globe.