CHAUMET: Discover the new Bee My Love creations

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 May 2023
CHAUMET: Discover the new Bee My Love creations

Bee My Love: Jewellery of light

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Jewellery of light

Articulated pieces with extraordinary flexibility, figurative and XXL creations give pride of place to mirror-polished gold. Imbued with life, the Bee My Love collection by Chaumet is writing a new page in its history with unique jewels that are more precious than ever.

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A “naturalist jeweller” since its beginnings, Chaumet has placed nature at the heart of its creations for more than 240 years and draws on its repertoire to adapt its most favoured symbols. Such as the sun-evoking radiance of the bee, inventively revisited by the Maison. Chosen as an imperial emblem by Napoléon, it also recounts the unique story of Chaumet, intimately connected to the history of France. To enhance this essential link, the Maison embraces the honeycomb and its graphic shape. Heightened by a unique savoir-faire, the collection fuses gold and diamonds for creations pared down to the point of abstraction.

Bold brilliance

Intensifying its innate boldness, the collection takes things to the next level with a new parure in rose gold glittering with brilliant-cut pavé diamonds. More precious, more striking and more covering, it offers an alternative to the original pieces.

Possessing unparalleled suppleness, each has been conceived to be sensually worn for maximum impact and exceptional radiance.

On a wide, delicately articulated and openwork cuff, the light-catching honeycomb multiplies ad infinitum, alternating diamonds, mirror-polished gold and finely-wrought cells. Also articulated, two necklaces – the first set with 73 diamonds, the second punctuated with 9 diamonds – and a second-skin bracelet highlight the wearer’s poise or add a refined finishing touch to a look. A band ring and large hoop earrings complete this must-have parure.

Bee in the spotlight

Bringing abstraction to an exceptional end, asymmetrical pieces open up a more figurative chapter for the collection.

In tribute to the naturalistic symbol of the bee, earrings, a brooch and a toi et moi ring in yellow gold and diamonds are all inspired by the imperial insect. Playing with asymmetry, each creation is composed of a bee and Taille Impératrice diamonds that flicker with a thousand fires. A striking innovation, this hexagonal Chaumet form infinitely magnifies the light and lustre of gemstones, in an ode to life and movement, balancing explorations of volume with perfection in detail.

Interplays of light

Playing with the versatility of its design, Bee My Love multiplies options and styles, to correspond to each personality.

Semi-pavé diamond hoop earrings are now available in yellow gold, with two models of extra-large semi-pavé hoops introduced. As precious inside as out, these summer essentials – one in mirror-polished rose gold, the other in white gold with diamond semi-pavé – are suited to any occasion.

Evoking the collection’s emblematic rings, the Bee My Love pendant now comes in a small version in yellow gold. Also introduced, with a heightened note of sophistication, a rose gold medium model is entirely covered with pavé diamonds, suspended from a new, more voluptuous and covering chain. Worn like a necktie, an irresistibly original pendant makes its debut. Mounted horizontally on this same new chain, the gold rings slide to alter the jewel’s style, while the ends of the chain are adorned with precious semi-pavé honeycombs, sensually illuminating festive evenings with radiance.

Golden savoir-faire

Shaped by geometry, gold captures and diffuses the light, gently dotting the skin with luminosity. An incandescent echo of the Maison’s goldsmith past, this living and evolving heritage enhances each wearer.

Universal yet distinctive, Bee My Love creations inspire endless possibilities of style and composition, as stackability mingles with mix and match in gold and diamonds, each personality being brilliantly revealed.

Radiant in the extreme, the Taille Impératrice is a hexagonally shaped miracle of luminosity. An unprecedented innovation from the Maison, it is made up of 88 hand-cut facets, positioned to capture rays of light and reflect them by multiplying their intensity.

A core element of second-skin jewellery, meticulously worked articulation enables the collection’s newest pieces to supplely and sensually hug the body’s curves, bringing each movement to life.

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More means more

The ultimate addition to Bee My Love, the new cuff pushes the collection’s savoir-faire even further. A fruitful dialogue between the most cutting-edge technology and the virtuosity of the artisans, 745 elements, individually assembled by the jeweller, combine to create the articulation of this exceptional and extraordinarily flexibility piece. The meticulously articulated honeycomb cells, each having a very specific place, succeed each other sinuously. 60 diamonds punctuate the 137 grams of delicate openwork mesh, alternating with the mirror-polished and openworked gold cells. A second-skin jewel sensually worn to outdazzle the sun.