Christofle enters the metaversewith its first NFT collection

  • Publish date: Saturday، 23 April 2022
Christofle enters the metaversewith its first NFT collection

Christofle, the Parisian Silversmith Maison since 1830, enters themetaverse with its first NFT collection “925Genesis MOOD”, planned to drop on May 7th, 2022, referringto a fantastic imaginary city, named:Christofle Aurifaber Citatisin Latin, or The City of ChristofleSilversmithing

Acquired by Chalhoub Group in 2017, Christofle is known for itsexceptional tableware, silver flatware andhome accessories created with elegance, craftsmanship and know-how

Christofle entering Web 3.0 is thecompletion of a fruitful collaboration between Christofle, and Exclusible, the market leader in thedevelopment and sale of coveted NFTs and luxury digital real estate and powered by Chalhoub Group’sInnovation unit. Christofle has never stopped innovating since its creation by Charles Christofle in 1830 andthis NFT collection cements the ambition to engage customers in this new era by building long-lastingrelationships with them


Christofle NFT collection “925 Genesis MOOD” is inspired by the iconic MOOD by Christofle launche in2015 and one of the best sellers of the House. It is a dreamlike city of silverand gold where thearchitecture takes the visitor on an immersive journey, across time and space, revealing the brand codesdear to Christofle

Commenting on the launch, Emilie Metge, CEO (President) of Christofle said:“We are eager to jointhe era of the Metaverse, with this new first NFT collection in line with our brand values of audacity,elegance, excellence, and inclusiveness.

With a bold and modern approach, we are translating ourcraftsmanship into the new wave of the web, that is all about community and ownership.

We want to offerthe Christofle community a way to experience and access unique pieces of Christofle.”Michael Chalhoub, President of Strategy, Growth, Innovation and Investment at Chalhoub Group,added: “I feel extremely humbledand proud to witness our Group’s first NFT drop.

Christofle NFT collection

And it only makes sensefor it to be done with Christofle, the first luxury brand we introduced to the GCC over 65 years ago. Innovation and retaining the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders have alwaysbeen part of our core values, and we take it as our duty to lead the way and introduce the first luxury tableware NFT.

Christofle NFT collection 01

We are committedto constantly reinventing ourselves and to bringing the right products, services and experience to ourcustomers–and that is something that will always stay at the heart of everything we do.

”Olivier Moingeon, Co-Founder of Exclusible commented:“We are delighted and excited to collaboratewith Chalhoub Group and Christofle on their entry into Web 3.0. At the heart of Web 3.0 lie many possibilitiesfor brands; True luxury is recognized, community is cultivated, and desirability is captured. Brands shouldembrace this new territory and set foot into a new sphere of culture and digital expression. Christofle isseen as a pioneer which leverages classic Parisian heritage with the innovative spirit of an entirely newmovement in the creative industry.”

Christofle NFT collection 02

529 NFTs will be available atwww.exclusible.comfor 0.1 ETHon Saturday May 7, 2022, NFT holderswill gain access to exclusive and unique benefits, as well as discover the world of Christofle through anincredible 3D masterpiece