• Publish date: Sunday، 28 November 2021

Launching November 24th, 2021, a holiday-themed campaign highlights Balenciaga’s most giftable products.

Holiday 21 Campaign

On a grocery store checkout lane conveyor belt, selections of items are piled, representing several types of customer or gift recipient.

Holiday 21 Campaign 01

One shows white elbow gloves, etched champagne flutes, and Blade Pumps while another shows a Balenciaga City Series silk scarf that represents the Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills store, B Chain jewelry, and a mini backpack keyring.

Holiday 21 Campaign 02

The Travel Pillow, a neck pillow with a drawstring hood, sits alongside phone accessories from the Glam line—a ring holder, an EarPods holder, a phone case with chain—and Screw Earrings attached to EarPods.

Holiday 21 Campaign 03

Balenciaga Ornaments are featured, showing the iconic Triple S Sneaker, Hourglass Bag, and Swing Puffer Jacket as handcrafted borosilicate glass miniatures.

Holiday 21 Campaign 05

Elsewhere, the conveyor belt holds crystal bow jewelry and a set of embossed stainless-steel coasters, part of the Balenciaga Objects category that now includes an influx of items for the home. A logo beanie complements an all-over logo blanket.

Holiday 21 Campaign 06

Throughout are various cardholder and belt styles, as well as pairs of Fluffy and Dynasty sunglasses and the latest in the Hourglass and Le Cagole lines, plus updates to the Triple S, Track, and Speed shoes, including fake fur-lined versions.

Holiday 21 Campaign 07