Look Ravishing in Ramadan

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 April 2021 Last update: Wednesday، 28 April 2021
Look Ravishing in Ramadan

Flowy, frilly, and fabulous – imagine for a moment how wonderful these caftans feel to wear not only during Ramadan, but also all summer long. 3oud.com has identified four Kuwait-based caftan designers to take your caftan dressing to the next level; Etre, Charah Studio, Yarn by F&N, and DARUSHA share their ultra-feminine and boho-chic designs with the prettiest unexpected details, taking Ramadan style to ravishing new heights.

Look Ravishing in Ramadanleft Charah-left-Etre

Look Ravishing in Ramadanleft-Charah centre-ETRE right-Dar Usha

Look Ravishing in Ramadanleft-Charah right-Etre

Look Ravishing in Ramadanleft-Dar Usha  right-Yarn by F&N

Look Ravishing in Ramadanleft-Dar Usha right-Charah

Look Ravishing in Ramadanleft-Yarn by F&N right-Etre